Our Activities

Here’s a summary of our main activities and Working Groups. Lots of members contribute to make all of this happen.

Welcome to Watson 

  • Organise casual Sunday afternoon social gatherings at The Knox Cafe to welcome newcomers to Watson. Held quarterly.

Next date: To be announced

Watzon Newsletter Working Group

  • Engage with our community to generate content for the newsletter.
  • Edit and design the layout.
  • Purchase the paper and take it to Australian Catholic University who print it for us for free.
  • Distribute copies to all Watson residences, by co-ordinating a large team of volunteers. (This team is often looking for helpers.)

Planning Working Group

  • Monitor and report on zoning and development news.
  • Represent the community in the media and on North Canberra Community Council.
  • Meet with Government to advocate for positive outcomes for Watson.
  • Arrange for guest speakers from industry and Government to share information at Planning Working Group Meetings.
  • Promote and update our Neighbourhood Plan for Watson in the absence of any Government Master Plan.

More on Planning here.

Watson Woodlands Working Group

  • Co-ordinate with the ranger to help maintain Justice Robert Hope Park.
  • Advocate for remaining box gum grassy woodlands, including the horse paddock on the Mount Majura side of Antill St.

Summernats Working Group

  • Monitor local impacts of this event, meet with organisers and reports back to the community via Facebook and Watzon.

Please note that Summernats is cancelled January 2021 due to COVID 19 testing at that location.

Community Liaison

  • Hold stalls at Watson shops and community events to discuss local issues, such as planning and development in Watson.
  • Share events and information via our Facebook Page.

Email us on watsoncommunityassociation666@gmail.com to find out more about our activities or Working Groups. We are open to new community projects in line with our goals.