About Us

Watson Community Association (WCA) is a forum for the residents of Watson to connect, exchange ideas and contribute to the quality of life in our dynamic suburb. It is a voluntary, not for profit group. WCA engages with community issues, publishes and distributes the WATZON newsletter four times a year, supports several Working Groups and organises social gatherings such as the Welcome to Watson at The Knox.


Want to get involved? 

Come to a meeting. We welcome newcomers and existing members alike. Committee meetings are quarterly, so one each school term (in a regular year!) You’ll hear our news, updates from our Working Groups and find out how to join a Working Group if you’re interested. You can contribute a little or a lot. To join you must live in Watson and be over 18 years of age. We’d love to meet you.


2021 Meetings

Dates:  Tuesday 9th Feb, Tuesday 27th April, Tuesday 20th July, Tuesday 12th October

Time: 7pm

Location: Tay St Hall


2020/2021 Committee Members

  • Chair: Megan Mears
  • Deputy Chair: Julie Smith
  • Secretary: Leonie Watts
  • Treasurer: Carrie Wright
  • Committee Members: Liz Adcock, Petra Lean, Simon Clarke, John Briggs, Leslie McGrane



The Watson Community Association was formed in the late 1980s and incorporated in 1995 with the object of promoting the social, economic and environmental amenity of Watson residents.


Watson Community Association Goals

  • promote, protect and enhance the social, cultural and physical environment of the community of Watson;
  • promote the welfare, community spirit and quality of life of the residents of Watson;
  • raise funds and expend them in the pursuit of the other objects of the Association;
  • inform the community about issues concerning Watson;
  • engage in any other activity conducive to attaining these goals.


AGM Minutes

The following are minutes of the Watson Community Association:


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