A Neighbourhood Plan for Watson

A Neighbourhood Plan for Watson

Have your say on the WCA’s community-led Plan for the Sustainable  Development of Your Suburb! (Plan updated Nov 2020)

Watson is growing—and not always in ways the community would like.

Help the Watson Community Association (WCA) ensure that current and future developments meet the needs of residents by commenting on our draft Plan.  We want genuine consultation and a sound planning approach that will deliver a healthy, connected, vibrant and aesthetically pleasing suburb in keeping with Watson’s existing values.

This community-led Neighbourhood Plan sets out a vision for the ongoing development of our suburb. We encourage you to share your thoughts on the managed growth and sustainable development of Watson, either via our Facebook page or by emailing All submissions and suggestions received will help to inform the final Neighbourhood Plan for Watson and will be kept confidential.

Plan for Sustainable Development of Watson V2.0 November 2020


We will provide regular updates on the progress of the Plan here and on the WCA Facebook page. This will include dates for upcoming community information sessions.


On completion, the Neighbourhood Plan is intended to act as a default Master Plan for Watson, sharing the community’s vision with the the ACT Government and future developers. It is our aim that in consultation with the community, the ACT Government will establish a coordinated approach to development by creating a formal Master Plan for the suburb, or by adopting this one.

2 thoughts on “A Neighbourhood Plan for Watson”

  1. Coincidentally I had recently been thinking how wonderful it would be if the Technology Park would become a new High School for the area. My children currently attend Majura Primary and would usually be going on to Lyneham High but I’m aware that it is at capacity at the moment, but Campbell High is just too far away. There are so many suburbs north of Lyneham now that there really is a need for a new High School to service all those families!
    As someone who just moved to ‘new Watson’ I would love to see another shopping Centre in the North Watson area, as proposed in the Master Plan, with some lovely cafes etc.
    I also think it would be great if some of the parks were updated. There are so many amazing, clever and modern parks around Canberra in the new suburbs, we have a park quite close to our house, but it is quite a big block of land with a really small and plain play area installed.

  2. Hi
    Please consider A’Beckett Street in your new ‘people are walking on the street’ campaign. While we only have 5% speeding – that’s still enough for someone to be injured at some point so any help would be great! Especially near the blind corner 🙂
    Thank you

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